Tuesday, March 27, 2012


“What a great start for 2012 camp”
The first activity's was baking, and guess what it was well... the one and only thing “SCONES”. The instructions was to get into group of five, the people in my group were , Tyla, Tule, Toreka, Oshania and don’t forget me. We were also told to find a recipe and bake it our self's. The first thing we had to was to clean our hands with the hand sanitizer. We included lemonade drink, flour, and pinch of salt, and a bottle of cream.
When we had finally finished the baking we had put in the oven with it
Pre-heat it to 220°C. waiting and waiting For the scones to cook, well we then thought instead of standing by the waiting for a long time that we should do some cleaning up. I was the washer and Tule was the dryer. In a split of time our scones were ready. We ran to the kitchen and checked it well at first we thought it was burning but we had realise the time was a bit early to have check. so after that we had ended up eating sum and saving some for the others for lunch “It was yummy”.


Arriving at the Netball courts burning, burning, so hot that I was about to explode.
With sweat dripping on the side of my face towards my feet.

Seeing the other class leave full of excitement but at the same time they were exhausted. Then it was our turn to play netball we also met a coach named Liz.
she was also a netball player her self.

We then started to practice our drills to improve our skills we started with passing the ball to our partners. It was pretty fun and quite easy. Ones we knew all the moves and trick on how to play Liz told us it was time to play a real game.

Ones we started, some of us we wearing bibs and others were waring no bibs well we started by getting in fourths and shearing the court, we all got quarter of the court. At the end, my team ended up winning.

over all we all had a great day with Liz and we learned and drills and new skills .