Friday, August 3, 2012

 I believe that hard work, will power will bring success in sports, how you will succeed this? is that you have the desire and strength, and also believing in yourself,  just like all the athletes who are competing in the london olympic are also Striving to Succeed.

I think that both natural ability and hard work are important to an athlete, Why? because then they know that if they achieve that hard work, well then they all know that they are definitely moving towards a gold medal. It may be hard work, but you always say to yourself never give up, keep trying.

 Most good athlete are born with speed, flexibility and coordination. You have may not noticed athletes who have been swimming since they were in kindergarten, other people who has been lifting weights since they were in primary. It really doesn't matter who you are just keep it up strive to succeed, Kia Kaha.

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Tauwhare K said...

Hey Chanel,
What a great story about Nature and Nurture. You did a good job of telling us of how you can achivie more and belive in yourself. From Tauwhare