Monday, April 19, 2010

Term 2 Topic learning

Today is term two and we are learning about Active Earth. Our school was so excited to learn about how explosions happen and were they happen. Also we are learning about tsunami, earthquakes and the things that move the ground.
I have learnt that volcanos are not the same shape as other volcanoes all around the world.
another thing that I have learnt was the closers volcano is in Mt Welington.

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Aneisha said...

Wow Chanel
I found out lots of stuff about volcanoes are cool because I
like volcanoes.I like what piture you put on your on blog when you were writing about your topic.What you were writing for your topic is really cool because I like learning about lots of stuff thats on your page.

Mrs Tele'a said...

Kiorana Chanel, lovely to read your post. I have enjoyed reading all the interesting things you have learnt already. I am learning so much by reading posts like yours. It's very good that you have acknowledged where the photo is from. This is very good manners when working online. Keep up the good work Chanel!
Mrs Tele'a