Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Compound Words.

Finally we finish our project. We have been learning about compound words. Our project is made out of paper mache can you tell me what we have made let me tell you some clues.
1.You can find it at a bowling place but it just a king.
2It is wearing a cape and its got a crown on top of it
If you know what Brooke, Sylvia and I made, write you answer in comment.


Anonymous said...

Fakalofa Chanel,

you worked well and put in a super amount of effort! I am proud that you stuck at it and became aware of what the final project would look like. You are a team player, so keep it up and push for the stars.

koe kia, Mr Hunia

kayla said...

Hi Chanel ,
I really liked post and thought that it was really good . My guess is a kingpin.