Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kiwis Are Cool

Most birds can fly, but Kiwis cant.
There’s even birds that are as tall as humans, kiwis aren’t.
Some birds are very loud, certainly not kiwis. Many birds run really fast, this is something Kiwis are good at. They can even out run humans, thats one of my favourite things they can do. Kiwis are also amazing at fighting with their tough feet .

The average size of a kiwi is a foot ball. Their are eggs that are the size of six hen eggs “WOW”
The largest kiwi is the great spotted. Its twice as large as the average

Kiwis plumage isn’t that exciting. It’s not colorful like a parrot or smooth like a duck. It’s just plain brown with bits of blond. Whats even worse is their beak!! It can grow up to 20 cm long and is really known as a bill. Kiwis are a weird bird but I still think they are cool.

Many people see Kiwis with no wings. They think because they can’t fly.They don’t have wings , but really they do. If you ruffle your hand in their feathers, you will find a little claw the size of your little finger that is part of their wings


Ashleigh Burt said...

Hi Chanel,
I found this information about the kiwi really interesting. The picture you drew was amazing, much better than I could do! I didn't know that their eggs are as big as 6 hen eggs, so thank you for teaching me something new.
Ashleigh Burt

Chanel said...

Thanks for the comment Ashleigh, Im glad you learnt new information about kiwis, and thanks for saying that I drew a amazing picture. You are amazing too!!!!!.