Friday, December 9, 2011

My Net-book Reflection

This year I have really enjoyed having my Net-book to work on because having the privilege to work on a net-book, learning new skills and finding interesting facts on the Internet. Furthermore having a Net-book is really fun and also very handy for picture, videos and most probably every think else.

Most definitely the best thing I really like about my net-book is that I can take it home and do my homework and even take photos. It is easy to practice skills on reading, maths and also writing. As well as at times I can be creative for e.g, I could use Picasa, picnic and others. I really love having a net-book, with out it there is just no fun what so ever.

As much as I have love having a Net-book there are some thinks that I haven’t liked. waiting and waiting till the net work to connect. Another reason why I don’t really like my net-book because having to charge it every night and even some time I forget to charge it and then I will have to sit by the cabinet and plug it in.

The biggest difference of using my Netbook is that Before I wrote with a pencil and paper and now I am typing on my own net-book.

Challenging,”Mmm” the most challenges I have had was to stay on task at all times, and not go wondering on the Internet. But at times I am doing the right thing and staying on task. Just like Mr barks say if you practice staying of task you will get better at it.

I think going back to original using paper and pen, would be just like little kiddy's, nearly becoming a year 8` and going to be the big students of the school, I bet Most of us and me would be so sad and unhappy. But if we were to swap and go back, really it would be a waste of money and time.

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