Monday, April 2, 2012

What Sports Do You Play.

What kind of physical sports do you play? and what one would you prefer best, softball, rugby, Netball or soccer.

Netball is one of my best sports. It is fun and very cool. Getting the optional to play and winning is pretty cool. stepping on the courts gives me butterflies. When you are playing it does get hot and you do get sweeting trust me it's hard work. But at the end you like it or not that you either win or lose, it’s still about having fun and enjoying to learn new skills.

Rugby is also hard work, getting tackled from big bloopers. Training and practicing is what you always do before paying a game. When I first started playing I had butterflies flying around in my stomach like I was about to puke because I was scared and worried I was going to get hurt.

Softball is a great sports to play as well, it’s quite easy, but when it comes to batting and to be honest I don’t bat very far. Not catching the ball when other people batt that’s to is also not my thing either. Enyways As long as i’m trying my best.

Soccer is a very exhausting game to play and very tiring, pretty much all you have to do is kick a muddy ball around. Its is fun to and awesome. Sometimes I am nervous and scared of maybe getting kicked in the leg or something.

Sports is about having fun and enjoying the position that you and your team mates do either winning or losing.

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Cecilia said...

Hey Chanel,

I really like your story about
sports! I like physical sports
my self! Keep up the great work!