Monday, August 13, 2012

Sarah Walker

The London Olympics is finished and we have scored 13 medals all together. My favorite athlete would have to be Sarah Walker, the great BMX racer.

Sarah Walker was born in Whakatane, New Zealand, and lives in Kawerau, New Zealand. Walker started BMX in 1999 when she saw her brother, Matt, riding one day.

Seeing her racing and competing with other countries was very scary. Sitting on the chair cheering for  the great athlete,“GO, you can do it!”. She came second, a silver medal!  I saw her standing and looking so happy and ecstatic. Great job!

As well as competing in BMX events around the world, Walker has also been a sports ambassador for Beef + Lamb New Zealand since 2008.

So, hopefully, next time Sarah Walker can do even better and get a gold medal.

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Sarah Walker said...

Hi Chanel! Thanks for the lovely words! I love the picture you've done and am very impressed! Keep up the good work, Sarah Walker