Friday, February 17, 2012

Duffy Show

When we walked in the hall I wondered why are we here. As soon as I saw a big box and 3 other people, "hmmm" this must be some kind of show. When these three peple reveled there names and what they were here for, I was thinking to my self, "this is going to be so cool and I bet this is going to be funny. As all the student sat down the show began.

At the duffy show there was 3 people who were acting, one was duffy and another one called scruffy he was duffy's little brother I thought he was the best one oh and there was one other named Everon who was sitting in the hall was charing and laughing there heads off as well as Marvel the main character of the book called "The Best Book in the World". They were also acting as other people.

They picked a couple of people to act in the show as books and a door an door bell, ever one was laughing when the pt England kids had to act in the show. There was singing a little bit of dancing and most of all funny acting. The main event was to tell us to read more and love to read because it is fun and you called end up with a good Currier.

At the end of the show we all had fun and we all loved it. Most of us didn't wont them to leave. Over all it was a great show and know I hope I have a good Currier .

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