Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Arriving at the Netball courts Burning, Burning, Burning so hot that I was about to explode. With sweat dripping down on the side of my face towards my feet.

Seeing the other class leave full of excitement but at the same time they were exhausted. Then it was our turn to play netball, we also met a coach named Liz. She was also a netball player her self.

We then started to practice our drills to improve our skills. We started with passing the ball to our partners, it was pretty fun and quite easy. Once we knew this moves on how to play Liz told us it was time to play a real game.

Some of us were wearing bibs and others were wearing no bibs. Then we started by getting in fourths and shearing the court, we all got quarter of the court. At the end, my team ended up winning.

over all we all had a great day with Liz and we learned new drills and new skills .

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